Eric Huber

“The Lake Champion weekend far surpassed my expectations. When I arrived at the lake, I instantly felt welcomed and felt like I belonged there, even though I didn’t know many of the several hundred men who came. I met many fellow brothers in Christ. We talked about our lives and families, and often the conversations went a bit deeper—we talked about things like our faith, how we came to know Christ, and some of the things we are facing in our lives or have had to face in the past. In addition to the conversations that we had, the camaraderie was great as well. The group meetings were very powerful and the worship band was awesome. The meals were fantastic and so was the entertainment. There was plenty to do during our free time over the weekend. I personally used much of that time to catch up on some reading, and, occasionally, seek out a nice quiet spot to reflect on things in my life and spend time with God. All in all, it was an exceptional weekend, and I’m so glad I committed to going this year. I hope to see you there next year!”

—Eric Huber