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Personal Involvement. Often, men with whom we meet are facing serious personal issues in life: marriage problems, divorce, financial problems, job loss, family struggles, personal failings, addictions, or many other problems.

Meeting one-on-one with men, sometimes over breakfast or lunch can help them identify issues and areas in their personal lives where they feel “stuck” spiritually. Through focused discussions, prayer, and encouragement, often a constructive path with meaningful priorities and a deeper spiritual perspective becomes clear.

Discipleship / Relationship Building. We are very intentional in building deeper relationships with individual men and groups of men, discipling, and encouraging them to develop a solid spiritual foundation and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Over time, as these relationships are nurtured, a more significant level of trust is built among men, allowing them the freedom and desire to help one another grow spiritually.

Small Groups. We feel the optimal place for a man to grow spiritually is with other committed men in a small group that meets together on a regular basis. This is by far the most significant component of effective discipleship and spiritual growth for men.

The principle of a men’s small group is simply characterized by men relationally building trust and encouraging one another, and understanding the important role that each man must fulfill in ensuring transparent accountability in the life of another man.

Men’s Weekends / Events. Each year Priority One plans and leads various outreach events for the purpose expanding its mission of reaching more men for Christ.

The largest of these events is the annual Lake Champion Men’s Weekend held in September. This weekend provides a very rewarding experience, including challenging speakers, topical workshops relative to men’s lives, plenty of personal time for reflection and sharing with other men, plus plenty of positive fun.

The combination of adventure, a significant message, relaxation, fun, and a few hundred men, has proven to be an extremely successful way of reaching men for Christ and building positive relationships.

Partnering with Churches. Priority One has developed many ongoing partnerships with local churches for the purpose of assisting them in developing and maintaining strong programs for effective men’s discipleship.

These efforts focus on relational outreach and the desire for connecting more men with other men, and the person of Jesus Christ. We meet with pastors and men’s ministry leadership teams, speak at various men’s events, and continually strive to raise the level of awareness for men to become actively involved



  • To introduce men to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and over time, to encourage a deepening commitment to Christ as Lord of home, work, church, and relationships.
  • To involve men in small groups where personal spiritual growth, accountability, and vulnerability help men to develop sound Christ-centered priorities and relationships.
  • To encourage mentoring or discipling relationships with men who are newer in the faith. This encourages further growth through teaching, example, and positive interaction.
  • To challenge men on serious issues. Our teaching times, small groups, and retreats usually focus on areas with which men struggle at different times in their lives, such as marriage, money, work, selfishness, desires, relationships, and leadership. We believe that retreats are valuable to men as a time to rethink, reflect, and to make positive choices for their future.
  • To help men assume positive leadership at home and at work. Growing financial and social pressure and obligations have diminished the role of father and husband. As a man’s priorities change over time, he will become better equipped to provide good leadership.
  • To help churches develop a meaningful and productive men’s ministry, supporting them through consulting with church leadership and sponsoring speaking / training events.

Why a men’s ministry?

man on cliffReaching men for Jesus Christ significantly impacts their ability to have positive influence in their families and the world…

Families. The most dramatic impact in a family usually happens when a man begins to live a Christ-centered life. Our desire is to influence transformation in the hearts of men, so their character and lifestyle will reflect that of Jesus Christ and God’s word.

Wives. Nothing benefits a woman’s life more than if her husband loves her as Christ loved the Church—sacrificially and unconditionally.

Children. The enormous and life-changing effect a father can have on his children for good or bad is without question. We believe that if a father reaches out to his children (and their mother) with the heart of Christ, all of their lives will surely be affected forever. Men are encouraged to take an active role in the spiritual nurturing of their children.

Business. When a man’s values and priorities become Christ-centered, the way he conducts his business, treats his employees and co-workers, and makes decisions all have the potential for real change.

Church and Community. As a man’s life begins to reflect Christ, he is undoubtedly better equipped to contribute optimal leadership and involvement in a local church and the community at large.

Priority One works directly with men… right where they are.

two guysPriority One is a relational outreach ministry to men, utilizing the dynamics and relational aspects of small group ministry and personal discipleship to work directly with men… right where they are. Founded in 1981 as a small local ministry in PA, today the ministry extends throughout several Mid-Atlantic States.

Priority One carries out its vision and mission through various ministry initiatives, including personal involvement in men’s lives, intentional discipleship and relationship building, forming and developing small groups, sponsoring men’s weekend retreats and other events, and partnering with churches to assist in developing meaningful and effective men’s discipleship opportunities.

Priority One Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization, supported by the voluntary gifts of individuals, organizations, and local churches, and is audited annually.

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