Priority One Foundation Privacy Policy

Last Updated April 2019
Priority One exists to introduce men to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. ​Priority One is actively pursuing this mission with men in Eastern United States.

To further this mission, Priority One may collect, process, use, and share your personal information. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain to you how Priority One might use your personal information and how Priority One takes seriously its obligation to you to protect your rights and your personal information.

Where we use the terms “Priority One,” “we,” “us,” and “our,” we refer to Priority One, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation. “Personal information” generally refers to all data that directly or indirectly relates to you, but “personal information,” “personal data,” or “personally identifiable information” and other terms may apply based upon applicable law and will carry the meaning of those applicable laws.

From time to time, we may update this Privacy Statement, so we encourage you to review this statement periodically, paying special attention to the “LAST UPDATED” date above. In certain circumstances, Priority One may contact you to specifically notify you of changes to this Privacy Statement.

Priority One’s Commitment to Data Protection
It is the policy of Priority One to exercise a high standard of care in its handling of the personal information it collects, processes, uses, and shares. Priority One will maintain appropriate policies and processes throughout the mission to enhance the protection of personal data and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Priority One is also committed to the periodic review and augmentation of these policies and processes as part of its Privacy Program.

What Kinds of Information We Collect
Priority One collects the following types of personal information:

  • Contact information: Includes phone number, physical address, SMS, email address, telephone number, social media profile details.
  • Demographics: Includes information about who you are, where you live, and what programs and activities in Priority One may be of interest to you.
  • Financial History: Includes historical information on your donations to Priority One, services or goods purchased from Priority One, other financial transactions you have entered into with Priority One.
  • Identity Data: Includes name, date of birth, gender, marital status.
  • Information about Personal Beliefs: Includes religious information.
  • Payment Information: Includes bank account and routing numbers, credit card/debit card numbers, check number, other pertinent financial details.
  • Requests and Preferences: Includes your preferences for how Priority One will communicate with you, customizations you have made to any Priority One account.
  • Required Health Data: Includes health information required by Priority One for you to attend a Priority One camp or participate in a Priority One trip or event, including medical history, vaccination records, physician’s reports, and biometrics.
  • Security Credentials: Includes login and password information.
  • Travel information: Includes requests related to your travel with Priority One, dietary needs or restrictions.
  • Volunteer Information: Includes information required to process your volunteer application and complete your volunteer on-boarding process.
  • Priority One information: Includes information on your history and engagement with Priority One.

How We Use Your Personal Information
Priority One uses the personal information you provide to better serve your requests and to connect you further with the mission and ministry activities of Priority One. Whether you are involved in a Priority One small group or donating your time and/or money to our missional objectives, Priority One will generally use your personal information to achieve its legitimate interests related to our organizational mission. We do not sell, lease or rent your personal information to others. Priority One will only process your personal information in accordance with an appropriate legal basis and only for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement. The table below provides a list of examples of how we may use your information, the types of information involved, and the legal basis for our use of your information.

How We Use Your Personal Information

​The Types of Personal Information Involved

​Legal Basis

​Examples and Explanations

​To contact you with information about the ministry activities that Priority One offers in your local area.

Identity data, Contact information 

​Legitimate Interests

​A Priority One staff member or volunteer may use your name and phone number or email to invite you to a Priority One event in your local area.

​To facilitate your participation in a Priority One event.

​Identity data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Demographics, Payment Information, Travel Information


​Priority One offers Men’s Weekend and other similar ministry events, but we need personal information to assist with coordinating travel and communicating important information about the trip.

​To assist you in establishing an account on Priority One’s network.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Demographics, Security Credentials

​Contract and Legitimate Interests

​Whether you are attending one of our events or are a faithful donor to Priority One, we want you to be able to easily interact with us. Therefore, we use different network solutions to enhance your experience with Priority One.

​For electronic marketing communication related to Priority One’s ministry activities or related to opportunities to donate to Priority One.

​Identity Data, Contact Information

​Consent or Legitimate Interests

​We love to let you know about Priority One opportunities of which you may not already know, but we don’t want to send you communications you don’t want. If you have engaged with us before, we believe we can legally contact you with electronic marketing communications. However, we want you to be in control, so please let us know if you don’t want to receive this kind of information.  

​For physical communication (e.g. post, telephone calls, etc.) related to Priority One activities.

​Identity Data, Contact Information

​Legitimate Interests

​We still use the postal service from time to time to communicate with you about your engagement with Priority One and to let you know important updates about our work with men.

​For non-marketing electronic communications to keep you informed on Priority One news and updates.

​Identity Data, Contact Information

​Legitimate Interests

​Our staff members often update interested donors and friends with stories and information on what they are doing in their ministries.

​To allow you to apply to serve Priority One as a staff member or a volunteer.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Information about your Personal Beliefs, Requests and Preferences, Security Credentials, Demographics, Priority One Information


​Priority One carefully vets potential staff and volunteers to ensure their fitness to join in our work with men.

​For contact management.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Demographics

​Legitimate Interests

​We work hard to manage your information within our system in the most efficient way possible so we can quickly respond to your requests related to Priority One or related to your rights or personal information.

​To provide ministry services such as spiritual guidance or Biblical counsel.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Information about your Personal Beliefs

​Legitimate Interests

​We believe God loves you and God loves men, and our staff and volunteers want to be present in the lives of men to hear what they are going through and demonstrate the love of Christ. 

​To process your donations.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Payment Information

​Contract and Legal Obligations

​When you give to Priority One, we will ask you to provide information necessary to complete your donation and create appropriate records.

​For legal reporting obligations.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Payment Information, Financial History, Employment Information, Volunteer Information

​Legal Obligations

​Priority One is subject to certain government reporting obligations and this reporting may include your personal information but only to the extent that Priority One is legally obligated to supply this information.

​To solicit feedback from you on Priority One ministry activities, good and services.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Security Credentials, Demographics, Priority One Information

​Legitimate Interests

​You may be asked from time to time to provide feedback on an event so that we are constantly getting better.

​To respond to your requests.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Security Credentials, Demographics

Legal Obligations​

​We use your personal information to quickly respond to any request you have for Priority One.

​To respond to your complaints.

​Identity Data, Contact Information, Requests and Preferences, Demographics

​Legal Obligations

​We use your personal information to quickly respond to any complaint you have against Priority One and to quickly respond to any concern about your rights and personal information.

How Information is Collected
We obtain personal information about you in the following ways:

Personal interactions: The ministry of Priority One is defined by relationships. Our staff members and volunteers interact regularly with men, regional church staffs, other ministry partners, donors, etc. These personal interactions are a primary avenue by which Priority One gets information from you.

Direct Requests: You may have reached out to Priority One on your own or visited one of our websites. If you have inquired about a Priority One activity, engaged in a Priority One activity, made a donation, registered for an event, or have otherwise chosen to give Priority One Information, we have your personal information. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully to understand your rights and our commitments related to your personal information.

How and When We Might Share Your Information
Priority One does not generally disclose personal information with anyone outside the organization. However, Priority One may, for the purposes described above, share your personal information with:

  • Other parties within or associated with Priority One.
  • Public or regulatory organizations for obligatory purposes described above.
  • Third party service providers Priority One has contracted to assist in the types of uses described above, including web-based contact management service providers, cloud service providers, companies assisting in the processing of your donations or other financial transactions, and email marketing service providers. Priority One has entered into contracts with these third party service providers without neglecting the protection of your personal information.

To safeguard and secure the information we collect, Priority One has applied appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to prevent unauthorized access and maintain data accuracy. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is used where available to encrypt and protect all Internet data transmissions. The padlock icon in your browser’s window signifies that a site is secure. Sometimes password protection is used to protect your privacy and security. Priority One will continue to augment current security procedures and adopt new security protocols as necessary to meet the standard of care we have promised in our policies and in this Privacy Statement.