Bud Carpenter


Contact Information
Mt. Pleasant, SC
723 Gypsy Lane
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

For the last 32 years, Bud has been restoring the value of antique furniture. He looks past the dirt and damage caused by time and neglect, seeing the value that was there and bringing it back for its intended purpose. He has owned antique stores, a restoration shop, and also done all types of finishing work on cabinets.

He is excited to be used by God to help men find their value and purpose as they understand and draw close to God. Bud has always been involved in ministry. He has lead men’s ministry at his church, been involved with starting Young Life in his community,and involved in Crown ministry and Promise Keepers. Bud says “I have always felt it was necessary for me to be involved with other men in order to keep my walk with Christ on the right path.” Several years ago he started a hiking ministry at his church with some other men. They backpack the trails of the North Carolina mountains for 4 days to help men engage with God and to hear His voice. They have seen God do some amazing things on the mountains and feel that it is rare for men to take the time to separate themselves from the distractions of life to meet with God. When they do, God always shows up. They take two trips each year and have had over a hundred men participate with them. Bud’s ability to make men feel comfortable and secure allows them to open up and share their lives with him so that he can introduce them to Jesus or help them to develop a more intimate relationship with Christ.

Bud’s Interests
I love the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, golfing, or anything on the water is where I love to be. I have built several wooden kayaks and have paddled several major trips of up to 100 miles. My family and I live at the beach and there are so many rivers and creeks. It is a great place to explore and kayak. I have always loved the wood working that I have done and look forward to doing it as a hobby instead of an occupation. I have a wonderful family and have been married for 35 years to Mary Stewart Carpenter. We have known each other since high school and we have three daughters. Kelly, the oldest, is married and has one daughter, Kennedy. Marifraiser and Kathryn are our other two daughters. Marifrasier is a nurse and Kathryn is in Chicago working and studying advertising. We all love to travel and I pray that God will allow us to do so in the future. My wife, Mary Stewart, is finishing up her masters in counseling and I know she will be a great asset to the ministry. She is also a great entertainer and we love spending time with friends and good food.