Steve Rowbottom

“At the Lake Champion men’s weekend I found a group of men with one common mission: to improve their relationship with Christ and to improve their relationships through Christ. Through candid conversations with these men, I walked away from Lake Champion with some of the most simplistic, yet most crucial, knowledge to help a man of faith grow. Sure, the softball game was fun. Watching folks attempt Frisbee golf against 20mph winds was amusing. Our speaker delivered The Word with conviction, making an impact. But it was the men. Men I would have never met otherwise. Men I’d never have had the chance to learn from, listen to, or share a struggle with—a struggle I may never have shared with anyone. It was the men and the opportunity for real, transparent conversation that sent me home from Lake Champion with confidence, passion, and compassion. For the first time, I have a tangible action plan for my relationship with Christ, and my relationships through Christ.”

—Steve Rowbottom

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